I am a human pacifier

I am a human pacifier, a human baby swing and baby gym!!! At the moment I never put the baby down, pretty much. When others would give a pacifier, I put her on my breast. When I could put her in a swing or hand her over to someone else, ‘cos no-one is here and I don’t have a swing, I get up and rock and bounce her. When others may carve out a moment for themselves and lay the baby down to stare at her toys on a baby gym, I sit with Anya on my legs and dangle toys in front of her.

In some ways I think this benefits her, all this personalised, tailored attention. She is swiping at toys, already, for example and I think that is partly due to the interaction.

Not sure it benefits me, though. Having moved recently-ish to the area, I don’t have a strong support system in place here. So I have no-one to help me care for the baby, except for wonderful K – but he works. And my principles (which gravitate much toward an attachment parenting style approach) threaten to deplete me of energy completely.

Must find a middle ground.


4 thoughts on “I am a human pacifier

  1. I totally get this!! and the full time job thing. I had no idea… I’m not as hardy as you, I admit…. Isabella goes into the swing or bouncy seat here and there… and it feels so refreshing for me to get a shower or clean the kitchen a little… I think being held and held and cuddles is important, but so is having a sane mama!!

    I didn’t know you were new-ish here too… Let’s get together!! We can hang out and swing our babies together :) Have you gone to the natural resources parent’s group on Wednesday afternoons? Tchukon and I also wanted to go to the labyrinth walk this month.

    • OMG I am so not hardy. That is the point. You are totally right, finding balance and keeping mum sane is super important too. The trouble is, me being me, I had to learn and/or am learning that the hard way! I still don’t know what my balance point is. I have all these ideas and principles that I have probably been crafting since I was playing with dolls as a kid. I built up a vision of what the ‘perfect mother’ is like or at least of the kind of mother I wanted to be… but that image is really doing me no good, here, in the real world.

      I’d love to meet up with you. I’ll send you an email :)

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