Making Time

Funny: first I felt nobody warned me how bad it was going to be, those first few weeks. Now I think I may have swung too far the other way. Since so many people agreed when I said how tough it was, I concluded that what I was going through was ‘normal’ and I think I lowered my expectations way too much. So I let the 1 hour feedings continue and the fact that baby was only sleeping on me so that I had almost literally NO free time at all.

Now I begin to realise not everybody puts up with this… by a long way. And so I gain a little courage and try new things to find more time for myself.

Truth be told… I don’t quite know what to do with myself now, when I have a minute. I mean I still have to stay within arm’s reach of baby, on the one hand, but I no longer have a job, on the other and I don’t really have new, mommie friends. This is no man’s land and I don’t know what to cultivate in it, yet!!


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