Let the fun begin

The most fun things about being a mum, so far, include:

– the smiles (first tentative smiles came when she was 3 weeks old… and then they developed into full smiles, which included the eyes, over the next week or two)
– the coos (she started cooing when she was about 5 weeks old, I think… although her first ‘coo’ was ‘arroo’!)
– the cute outfits. Yep the best thing about a winter baby is the hats… and she is a girl so the joy of putting together cute little outfits is unbound
– watching her development unfold. It is just amazing!!! Apart from the smiles and the coos, which I already mentioned it was great fun to see the first time she reached for an object (about week 8); and last week when she held onto one of her toys, even just for a few seconds I almost cried (she was 9 weeks, then); at about 7 weeks, I think, she started holding her head up. She is still wobbly but she can kinda do it. I was sooooo proud! Can’t imagine what I’ll be like when she walks or talks. A few days ago (we are now in week 10) we played our first game of peek-a-boo. OMG that was so much fun. I would hide behind a cloth and then reveal myself. She would stare for a few seconds… and then, boom, a cute smile. Yay. And right now she is rehearsing her first giggles. They are not quite there yet, but you can see she is almost getting it. Now it is more like a happy squeal of sorts… but I can see it will grow into something even more lasting and fun!!


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