What I eat she eats

Must remember that: what I eat Anya eats. Bless her little belly. Because we are breastfeeding, our link is that close. I was reminded of that in a rather dramatic way. I got a funny tummy, nothing too nasty – she got a funny tummy. But hers lasted longer and I, being the worry-wart I can be, was concerned she was getting dehydrated (when she was hardly peeing) and that her temperature was too high (it did rise, but never too much). True to form, I treated it all naturally, mostly I took stuff to get better and hoped it would pass on to her (and of course as I recover, she gets my antibodies for whatever bug we are fighting off). I also gave her flower essences including Mulla Mulla for fever and Bottlebrush to clean out her gut.

We are better now, almost if not already 100% back to normal. I was lucky, of course. I am very grateful it did not develop into something more serious. It was also my first test of fire. Could I remain calm(ish) in the face of a health challenge to my kid. I tell you it was not easy. My parents live the other side of the Atlantic from me. I was on the phone to them everyday, sometimes twice a day. I am so thankful they are there. I also gave in and called an on call nurse at some point, but she just reinforced our feeling: keep breastfeeding as often as she’ll take it (to keep her well hydrated) and keep watching her and how she does.

Phew. Batlle over. She is laughing and smiling. Thank you God!


2 thoughts on “What I eat she eats

  1. Kai was about 2 weeks old when x-mas rolled around. We had creamed onions, nutroast, stuffed squash – a few other garlicy things and more creamy stuff for desert. Everything was rosey until Kai got his first dose of post-dinner milk. Not a while lot of sleep that night!

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