Please leave comments

I am new at this blogging thing and though I can track how many people visit my blog each day, I can’t really tell what you all think. More feedback please!

Also feel free to ask questions, make suggestions as to topics or generally pitch in some constructive criticism :)


2 thoughts on “Please leave comments

  1. Hey!

    I read your birth story and it made my eyes wet, you seem so centered and at ease with the whole situation! WOW! Great job!

    I hope you and the rest of the family are well? It seems like it.

    I am wishing for an entry about the parenting issue in regards to gender, feminism and equal rights to care and parent your child. Being the swede that I am :)
    It is something that is debated wildly here in Sweden, should the father be home with the child just as much as the mother? Should he be there from the start? Or is the first time assigned to the mother alone? And so on..

    Lots and lots of love from the other side of the earth!

  2. Hey Nora,

    Thank you. I am touched that my story spoke to you, somehow. Nice to hear from you, too!

    Funnily enough I am reading a book by a sweedish author right now: Stieg Larsson. I am really enjoying it (minus the gory, violent bits). I am reading it in Portuguese (funny translation, too), which makes it all very international.

    Anyway, have written a reply to your question. Thanks for posting it.

    Hope you are well. Cheers,

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