When the sucking is good

A few weeks back (at around three months), Anya suddenly took a leap in her ability to breastfeed at speed. She became a much more efficient little sucker so that now she can empty one breast in about five minutes when it used to take close to, oh, forever (fine, okay, about 45 minutes then she’d drift off and… yeah, no: forever)!

Hoorah, this is great for me (and her). She no longer lives permanently attached to my breast. We have more time in our day, now. Phew.


4 thoughts on “When the sucking is good

  1. I remember this day with my daughter too, how wonderful to go from such looong feeds to such “quick, get it done” feeds. Enjoy your new found freedom to sleep more, eat more, play more :)

    • Yeah, it is pretty fabulous… and we do have more time to play, etc. during the day. Alas at night she started getting really gassy and waking up sometimes every hour!!! Am now on an elimination diet hoping that helps. Just noticed today her skin looks clearer (it had lots of tiny bumps before – this after her baby acne cleared up). She also slept better last night, although she did wake up at 7.00am with a painful belly, until she pooed. Oh what relief. Now she is full of beans (no pun intended) and feeling pretty pleased with herself!

      So, yes, let’s hope that ultimately this leads to more sleep, too!

      Cheers for popping in.

  2. Ah, an elimination diet, it’s hard work isn’t it? I hope you guys find the right combination of foods that help her to be pain free. Though, you know, my daughter was (almost grown out of) allergic to cows milk and I drank it in my tea and had cheese etc before I found out at 10 months she was allergic but I don’t think gave her any pain, just excema.

    I was told once by a child health nurse that babies at a certain early age start to feel their bowels moving and they find it an uncomfortable new sensation and cry and wriggle a lot more before pooing or breaking wind. Hopefully your little cherub feels more at ease soon :)

    • Ahh, yes that makes sense – that they would suddenly identify those funny feelings as there own (a bit like when they discover their feet).

      The diet is going ok. Can’t wait to reintroduce simple things like beans and nuts and seeds. I can eat very simply: grains, veg, fish, salads… but please give me some beans and nuts, at least!!!

      My current suspicion is that (if she was reacting to anything) it was to eggs or soy. But to be safe, steering clear of all other possibilities for another week or so.

      Thanks for your thoughtful replies. Stay cool,

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