A Typical Mothering Day?

Before having a baby, I never understood what all the fuss with being so ‘busy’ as a mom, was. What do they mean they can’t have a shower, they must be exaggerating, surely, no? Now I know…

For anybody out there, still wondering, this is a rough estimate of where my times goes, on a good day:

7.00am Baby awakens, starts cooing and wants to play
7.05 Change baby
7.10 Play with baby (usually still in bed)
8.00 Feed baby and (hopefully) go back to sleep
9.30 Get out of bed
9.35 Take Anya to the balcony and say good morning to the world (“good morning tree”; “good morning lake”; etc).
9.40 Come into living room and chill out or play: lay Anya on a blanky/play gym, do some tummy time, etc. If she is chilled, I may jump onto the laptop (on the floor, right next to her) and check my emails, facebook, blog and the like.
10.00 Have breakfast
10.20 Perhaps do baby massage (often with some nice music in the background)
10.40 Breastfeed and have a nap – usually ON mommy! Mommy will probably be watching TV or occasionally online, on the phone or reading a book.
11.30 Mommy goes for a shower. Baby sits in a chair in the shower room and gets a nice steam bath + listens to the lovely rain-like sound that she loves :)
11.50 Mommy is clean and gets dressed and ready to face the world.
12.00am Get lunch going – which hopefully is super simple and usually just involves heating up. Meanwhile may hold Anya and bounce her while walking round the house and showing her different things (she particularly likes to stare at us both in the mirror) and or I might sit on the yoga ball and bounce with her.
12.15pm Eat lunch (baby on knee or in bouncy chair)
12.35 Breasfeed
12.50 Get ready to go out (which often includes another diaper change)
1.00 Leave the house (sing upbeat, motivational song about going for a car trip)
1.05 Load car up and engage with baby (which helps get her ready for separation time). Breastfeed once more if needed.
1.10 Start journey
1.30 Arrive at Mommy-Baby center for play group
3.30 Leave group and drive back home (singing songs and hoping baby doesn’t cry too much… again)
4.00 Arrive home.
4.10 If baby is awake: breastfeed (if not wait 5 minutes till she does wake ;). Watch TV, relax.
4.30 Change diaper. Play/Tummy time/Naked time.
5.30 Daddy arrives home.
5.45 Daddy takes baby. Mommie has own time (usually used for housework and/or social connections, often online)
6.15 Feed baby
6.35 Change baby ready for bed. Take baby to say goodnight to daddy/house things (eg ‘night-night plant’; ‘night-night kitchen’; etc)
6.50 Read a book and/or wash baby and/or bathe baby
7.30 Baby goes to bed – either daddy rocks her or mommy feeds her
9.00 Baby is asleep. Mommie returns and cooks (or daddy has cooked and it is time to eat!)
9.30 Grown up time – shared dinner, TV, talking, reading, etc.
10.30 Baby needs re-settling (with rocking or breastfeeding)
12.00pm Grown ups join baby in slumber land (preceeded by top-up feed, usually).
2.00am Baby breastfeeds
5.00 Baby breastfeeds

On balance:
Baby feeds every two hours on average (night and day).
We change her diapers every three or four hours unless she poos. We generally do not change her at night.
Baby has at least two longer naps during the day once at 9.00 or 10.00 and once around 3.00. Missing those naps may prove hazardous for parents!

… I know my day looks very different to that of other parents, I mean: are they working? do they bottle-feed? do they have support at home? Many different factors can affect the flow of your day, as a mom, so this was just a sample day, so you can have a picture, if this was a curiosity for you.


5 thoughts on “A Typical Mothering Day?

    • Hi beautiful Sri,

      Both. Days move sometimes very slowly, especially if I am home alone all day… but months move exceedingly quickly. Anya is four months old, already! And I do get out a lot more, now – it is easier. The only challenge is that Anya really doesn’t like going in the car and living in California means I need my car for everything. But we are working on it. Soon that should get easier, too, all being well.

      Thanks for reading. Blessings to you,

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  3. Wow read this again today prompted by wordpress telling me this was one of the most read posts on this blog in the last year. Anya is now one and my, oh my our day sure does look different now. Incredible how much changes in so short a time. For one, I don’t watch TV while Anya is awake anymore – at all. Kai doesn’t get home till six now (which is still pretty good, I guess) but we also feed Anya solid foods four times a day now. Play is a lot more interactive and fun, of course, now, too. So much changes.

    At each phase I find myself thinking, this is my favourite phase so far… and then the next one arrives (subtley, slowly, day by day) and I think it all over again. Yay!

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