The mother of all detoxes

Anya is still suffering a lot from wind of all kinds. She gets fussy and uncomfortable before burping, farting or spitting up – all of which happen quite frequently. Plus, the farting mostly happens at night – which wakes her up and in turn wakes me up. So, I really, really want to help her get and feel better.

We have explored a few different possible approaches. I have given her both homeopathic and herbal remedies and so far they have not cleared up the problem (though I think both help a bit). So, now I am going to try and clean up my diet, too. Yep, sucks, but that is the thing with breastfeeding, as I have said before, what I eat she eats – and something is making her gassy!

Stay with me here, I am cutting out:
– wheat, oats, barley and rye (all gluten-containing grains) – this one will be easy to me as I don’t eat much gluten, anyway
– dairy (done, I can’t eat it anyway – aggravates both my tendency toward migraines and acne)
– all gas producing veg such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and onion
– beans and corn – I have got to say this (together with broccoli, agreaves me the most. I love beans!!)
– apple juice (apparently that can cause irritation to some babies bowels)
– eggs
– soy
– shellfish
– nuts and seeds
– red meat – I already don’t eat meat. I didn’t eat meat for 10 years, actually, except I started eating a little organic chicken since giving birth, funnily enough
– oranges
– belladonas (tomatoes, aubergines, peppers and potatos)
– even strawberries (I heard of one kid that reacted to these)!!

Hey, listen, the best prevention of allergies and intolerances is breastfeeding. Plus breastfeeding has lots of other advantages including boosting immunity and IQ and improving bonding between mother and baby. And I like doing it. Other babies I know that were fussy or even full-on colicky if they switched to formula had an equally hard if not harder time on formula (sometimes reacting to both cow’s milk and soy formula). This may or may not work, but it is worth a try. I will also continue to pursue other options, including Cranial-sacral which I have heard is brilliant and we have gone back to swaddling, occasionally at least, to try and increase the number of hours Anya sleeps at a go. At its worst, she was waking up every hour, usually with gas. Let us hope this really helps her feel better and me get more rest. Pray with me!

Furthermore there is a hidden bonus, I get a detox. To be honest my diet has been okay but not perfect since giving birth. It is hard to keep up with eating perfectly when you have almost no time or energy to cook. And I still have a lot of weight to shift before I get back to my pre-pregnancy wait, so this may help with that, too.

For two weeks I wil be eating lots of salads, cooked green veg and whole grains, fish and plenty of good fats and drinking lots of water, too. Sounds healthful to me!


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