Rejoicing in my new body

Okay, so this is an obsession that mostly passed me by – the haste to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight. I had heard so many stories of how long it would take me to get my figure ‘back’ that I had really braced myself for the worst. Actually (perhaps aided by breastfeeding) I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly my belly started to shrink.

However, I had put so much weight on throughout the pregnancy that even given a relatively fast recovery I am still way over my pre-pregnancy weight (by about 30lbs I reckon – around 15kgs). And somehow I was avoiding the whole shopping thing. I mean I bought quite a few breastfeeding-friendly tops and the like, but hadn’t bought any trousers or skirts for ages, now.

The problem of course was that I didn’t fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes (not by a longshot), I didn’t feel at all sexy in the few pregnancy friendly clothes that do fit now and I didn’t want to commit to buying clothes for this new (and as I see it, temporary) body. But today I bit the bullet and went shopping for much needed jeans and hoorah, I was pleasantly surprised. I fit into an American size 8 (which is apparently only a UK size 12 – though sizes have been steadily getting bigger in the UK so that the new 12, I suspect, is equivalent to the old 14). Anyway, not only do I fit in them, but I look great, too (okay, American positivity is rubbing off on me). That means I have only gone up one size since before pregnancy. Of course since arriving in the US I had already gone up one size, so effectively I have gone up 2 sizes in 2 years… but f*ck, I look good, considering. And I’d rather be the shape I am and wear nice trousers than stay in denial in baggy sweatpants!! Nope, embracing my new figure is the way to go – and feels good, too. And, of course, I finally have boobs! Viva the (post) pregnant body. Viva my body! Hoorah.


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