The ‘Detox’: Some early results

So I have been on this elimination diet for about 5 days now and have seen some surprising early results… or are they.

First, on day two, Anya’s skin cleared up. Before she had little bumps – not baby acne (that had come and gone) just little non-inflamed bumps on her face. Now she has super-smooth, baby skin: beautiful, as it should be. There are still a few bumpy-blemishes on her forehead, but her cheeks look completely clear. Could that be a coincidence? Afterall the bumps have been there for weeks!

Second, Anya has been waking up much fewer times with gas – a relief to her and to me! Could it be that something was irritating her digestive system and by eliminating the food from my diet, I am eliminating the particle that was not agreeing with her from my milk (I have heard this can be the case with casein, the protein from milk, for example).

Third, it actually seems to me that Anya is calmer during the days, too – less fussy. So perhaps she has an intolerance to something that was making its way into my milk that was actually causing emotional upheaval or mood swings. I certainly know food can have that effect on adults – perhaps that can happen to breastfeeding babies too. Or maybe it is just that she is in less physical discomfort (less lower GI gas, reflux and burps) and that helps her calm down.

Or… this could all be coincidences rather than causal relationships. The experiment continues. And the interesting thing will be re-introducing the foods I have cut out, one at a time and seeing if Anya reacts (over a period of say 3 days). That is the only part of this homemade study likely to yield useful results.


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