So, what do you eat?!

Well, I thought I would answer that most often asked question – after I tell people I am on an elimination diet: so, what can you eat?

A typical day’s nutrition for me right now looks something like this:

Millet Puffs with Rice Milk, a spoonful of lecithin, Udo’s oil and Blueberries

Salad. I vary it by using different types of green leaves on different days, different herbs for flavour and different add-ons like: avocado, fennel, celery, carrot, radishes, sprouted seeds, cooked beets, etc. Because I have cut out beans, nuts and seeds, I mostly get protein through the sprouts and/or by adding salmon, tuna, mackerel or other fish or very occasionally chicken (as I don’t normally eat meat – I just added it back into my diet recently). I am keeping the salad dressing super simple and basically just add olive oil, lemon or apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper.

Afternoon Snack
I either have some fruit like peaches or pears (as i am avoiding citrus, apples, strawberries and even bananas) and/or some rice cakes with honey and/or green bean crisps or plantain crisps, rice and nori crackers, that kind of thing…

Most commonly I eat a cooked grain like brown rice, millet or buckwheat with green veg like chard or spinach (usually cooked interestingly with garlic, spices and other veg to taste) and fish. We make stews and stir-frys, we grill or bake – all to mix it up. Of course, if you eat meat and are doing as strict an elimination diet, you could add lamb, chicken or turkey. I was eating Quinoa… until I remembered that is essential a seed and so, if I am to be literal that is out, too. Hey, it is only two weeks!

I try to drink at least two litres of water (or herbal teas or fruit or carrot juice).

Overall, it has got to be said, I have really enjoyed this diet. I think being deprived of beans/legumes, nuts and seeds is the hardest as they would add interest to nearly any dish. But then again I am hoping Anya does not react to those. I am assuming the most likely things for her to react to are milk, wheat, soy and eggs and though I’ll miss some of those, I think I can live without them for a while longer.

I feel sprightly, light and healthy on this diet and it has the added benefit of helping me re-balance my weight (which I honestly had not thought of when I started this, so focussed was I on helping to relieve some of Anya’s discomfort – and my sleeplessness). I have been pretty careful to ensure I am still eating enough (calorie wise) and that I am getting enough protein, which was the trickiest bit. So, really, what I am doing is just eating really healthily for a while – and that has got to be good, for both of us!!


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