how quickly one forgets

I went to my regular mommie-and-me group yesterday. It is a group for moms of babies aged zero to six months. My baby is now one of the oldest there. It is amazing to hear people’s feelings and experiences from their first few weeks. They are of course exactly the same as mine – or variations on those same themes – and yet I had, frankly, completely forgotten that was what I had felt like. Man, those first few weeks were rough! I love those amnesia-inducing hormones.

It also makes it easier to understand those moms who would tell me to enjoy ‘the most beautiful times’ when baby is so small… when I was thinking ‘this is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life’. Now, I am those mums. I look at the tiny newborns, glow and tell mums to enjoy it (although it is still fresh enough for me to empathise with any challenges they are experiencing, too!). From being permanently on edge, because you are on and on-call 24/7, to not having time to pee; from difficulties with breastfeeding to the shock of no longer being able to do simple things like go to the shop. Yep, I still remember… but only ‘cos I was reminded yesterday. Things are so much easier now – thank you God!


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