And the little one said: ‘Roll over’

Ahh, our beautiful, clever daughter learned how to roll over today. It is so much fun to watch as she rehearses this new skill over and over. Of course we are going to have to rethink our sleeping arrangements as, seeing as she sleeps with us in our bed, we need to minimise risk of rolling off the bed. Thankfully our bed is very close to the ground (and I have cushioned the floor around the bed, just in case. But still, this is another push toward helping her sleep in her own bed, perhaps.

Next (all being well) comes crawling… and already my mind is scouring through the apartment with a view to all the areas that desperately need babyproofing. Need to get working on that, too.

But these little milestones are just fantastic – real proof of the blueprint they are born with. It is amazing to see it unfold, pretty spontaneously really, without any need for coaxing from us. Of course we all like to think it is our great parenting that let them achieve these little miracles, but research shows that, as long as babies get the basics (food, shelter, love) their development in the first year is pretty much unaffected by parents’ interventions. After one year, sure, you can make a difference, you can start to have more of an impact, but up until then it is all genes and divine intelligence. Amazing!


2 thoughts on “And the little one said: ‘Roll over’

  1. What a fun time Gauri! I remember when my niece Lilly started rolling over… my mother and I were babysitting, and at that time, my grandfather lived with my mother (about 6 years ago). And we just watched her rolling over and over, clapping and laughing (we were) and we never tired of it. It is truly amazing, isn’t it?!

    • Yeah. We did the same. Just sat and watched and clapped at her and made whooping sounds every time she did it again. I think she was quite confused by all the rucous! adorable :)

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