food for smiles

So, this diet is clearing up things, I wasn’t even trying to heal in Anya. So far I have noticed the following improvements:

– her skin has cleared up
– her nose is no longer stuffy
– she is sleeping chunks of between four and seven hours for the first portion of the night (beats waking up every hour!)
– she has less gas (and she is suffering less with it, when she does have it)
– she is spitting up less
– she is burping less (and again, when she does it seems to cause her less discomfort than it used to)
– she is calmer during the day
– she is relaxed and even having fun or falling asleep in the car (hooray!)

Look I have said before it is hard to know for sure which of these improvements are down to diet alone and which are due to other factors. But the next stage of the process (re-introducing foods) which I have actually already started, disentangles some of those mysteries. I will report back when I know more but for now wanted to celebrate the improvements that have come – no matter what helped them arrive. It is great to see Anya finding more and more comfort and discovering more time in the day to giggle and smile.


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