Re-introducing: Foods that I love

So, if you have been following my little experiment you know that this is the gist of it: I eliminate all foods that my baby daughter could possibly be reacting to, physiologically, and then, after two weeks, I re-introduce them one at a time and watch for two or three days to see what reactions, if any, she has. The aim of doing it in this way is to isolate the specific food or foods which are causing her discomfort… or indeed whether foods are related to any of her issues. And to be able to get back to eating as many of those foods as possible so I can have as fun and varied a diet as will suit both of us!

Original issues I was looking to alleviate in Anya include painful gas, frequent reflux and unexplained bouts of crying and discomfort. I am glad to report that we have noticed great improvement on all of these measures plus some unexpected ones. Now, as I re-introduce foods, I get to look out for which one does what.

The results on the foods re-introduced so far are:

– soya: appear to make my daughter break-out in small, colourless bumps on her face; not sure if it affects her digestion, have withdrawn once more and will introduce again for clearer more certain results
– dairy: gives both of us congestion (stuffy nose). No surprise there as we all now how mucous forming dairy is. Again her digestion didn’t seem to get any worse on adding dairy.
– beans and chickpeas: lower gas (that’s right, farting) may have increased, but it did not seem to cause her any discomfort. My feeling was that if it made her digestion worse it did not appear to be bad enough to warrant me to continue to withhold legumes from my diet… but as with all these foods, I will remain vigilant. Did not add peanuts back in yet (technically also a legume).
– eggs: it seemed to me she was farting more and had more reflux when I introduced eggs. I only had one dose of scrambled eggs, perhaps it is a cumulative thing.

So, as you may have gleaned, the results from introducing each food were not as clear as I had hoped, except for the skin breakout and the nasal congestion. All the digestive stuff was hard to tell for sure, for me, at least. But the good news is that overall she is much happier, calmer and seemingly more comfortable during the day – and that hasn’t changed after introducing any of the above foods.

The experiment continues.

I must say though, that I felt a little short-changed when I realised I had vastly underestimated how long I had to be on this diet. I mean most people will say you need to eliminate all possible culprit-foods for at least two weeks. ‘Two weeks?!’ I said, ‘I can do that!’… Hmm… what I forgot is that after those two weeks I don’t get automatically to reintroduce all foods as you would with most detoxes (just stop eating ‘naughties’ for a few weeks and then gradually go back on your normal diet, whatever that looks like).

In point of fact this diet is going to last for freakin’ ever!!!! So, the good news is I am eating pretty cleanly. That has got to be good for both of us. And slowly I am identifying foods that are fine to have in as standard. I feel a little like I have been tricked into being super-healthy… but hey, whatever it takes, ei, Universe ;)


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