the emerging character: baby blueprint

Dear baby,

If I were to guess your character when you grow up, based on your temperament now, I would say that you will be:

– social, engaging and outgoing
– strong minded/strong willed
– an optimist
– sensitive (to both foods and people – their feelings, etc)
– energetic
– intense, dramatic and emotional
– someone who enjoys change, novelty and adventure
– a multi-tasker (easily distracted by different activities)
– someone who enjoys things they are naturally talented at (rather than the super-persistent type who work hard to develop a skill) but then I reckon you will have plenty of natural talents and be able to pick up new skills pretty easily, anyway :)

Of course I am mostly couching these in the positive and naturally I am aware that these are really only guesses, but then again, the psychology experts tell us that a baby’s temperament is something they are born with, not something that they acquire through socialisation and, they say, it stays with them for life, so it is possible that some of the traits we begin to see emerging now are actually a true reflection of the person you are growing into.

Then again, these are just tendencies… which ones will you be defined by, which will become your trade marks, which will you overcome?

Dear Anya, I love you so. Be well and remember this body is a precious meat suit and this personality a fun character for this play, on Earth.

Gauri xx

– – –

NB to parents: to check out the temperament of your child go here.


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