Milestone Watch

At five months, Anya is at such a cute developmental stage. She is getting better and faster at rolling over (and whipping out that arm that gets trapped under her belly). She is super-interactive and social and wants to hang out, giggle with and talk to anyone she meets, really. Whereas (as opposed to some children) she has shown absolutely no interest in standing up, suddenly now she is all into it: she just locks her little knees and stays standing (held up by me, of course) looking around at the world.

We also get to play lots of baby-crane. I hold her in my hands, belly down and swoop her down to floor or table level so she can pick up a toy. This comes in handy because the other ‘skill’ she is enjoying practicing is throwing all her toys on the floor. They say that is them learning about gravity and/or testing your responsiveness as a parent. I read once, years ago, that confident babies demonstrate the fact that they expect the parent to pick up the toy for them, whereas kids lacking trust to do not display this positive expectancy.

Anya has added a few new sounds to her repertoire, too. For one, she can say ‘mBa’. It is her first consonant sound. Very cute. Secondly she does this new high pitched frustrated sound. It usually comes, it seems, when she is physically uncomfortable (like if she needs to spit up) or if she wants a change of scenery – something new to experience and explore. To be frank, though it isn’t a ‘happy’ sound, per se, I still really welcome it as it widens her choices of ways to communicate. It is not all crying now.

On that note, she has also started to get very upset if we take a toy away. First signs of object permanence are there: if a toy drops (or she throws it) she looks for it on the ground); if I hide it, she looks for it; and we can get a more satisfying game of peek-a-boo going. Plus, it would seem, we have had our first episode of separation anxiety. Could it be, already? I left her with a friend the other day, just for 10 minutes or so and she started crying as soon as I left, apparently, really looking around as if she was trying to find me. Awww… bless. I can see how that could get old, but for now I find it very sweet and endearing.

Finally, another welcome development is that Anya has started responding to my singing in the car, even though she can’t see me. It means I have finally found one thing that helps soothe her when she is crying in the back. Now, if she starts whimpering and I sing, she actually stops crying and listens. Today she even went to sleep peacefully after a few bars of ‘the wheels on the bus’. Cute, ei?!

Yep, I am definitely enjoying this baby phase.


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