I would snuggle up with Anne Lamott any day

I finished reading Anne Lamott’s ‘Operating Instructions’ (and actually have read another two books since – see original post here: https://blessingtree.wordpress.com/2010/06/02/anne-lamott-woke-my-baby/). I think the book is brilliant and should be compulsory reading for all new mums – not expecting mums, mind you, it might put them off from having a baby, completely. Not only is it funny, extremely touching and even informative but, as we accompany the first year of her son’s life, as an only parent, recovering alcoholic and confirmed cynic (with an unexpected, almost paradoxical love of God) she sheds much light on the day-to-day of mothering in a busy, urban society.

This book is a must for anyone struggling with some of the unexpected, less glamorous or downright difficult aspects of being a mother for the first time in a culture where we so often live away from family and friends (or in Anne’s case, a partner); where we commonly have had little to no experience with babies and have dedicated our lives to external, professional pursuits totally removed from home and family. It can be an adjustment, a real adjustment. We know that. I have learned that the slow and painful way and really found much of my story echoed in Anne’s words – although I have a great partner but am far from my close friends and family and her situation is quite the reverse. She is extremely honest, wry and generous with her sharing of what is going on in her life, in her world and in her oh-so-f*cked-up head. Loved it!


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