New favourite things

Anya is almost 6 months old, now. Oh, the cuteness!

My new favourite things are: hugs. Yep, when I pick her up, now, Anya grabs me back. I am counting these are the first official hugs. The first time it happened I almost cried out in joy. So sweet. Technically she may be hanging on for dear life more than she is sharing her tender feelings for me… but hey, it counts!

I also love that she is trying out new things with her voice and she seems to have decided to go an octave higher. Yep, it is adorable, so much more baby-like and girly. Gone is the concentration and the furrowed brow preceding each sound; instead we have a little tongue pointing out with each syllable. And they are getting good, now. She literally says ‘goo-goo-ga-ga’ and she also says ‘dada’ (it is still just a sound to her now, clearly, but soon, soon with any luck she will add meaning and understanding, maybe some pointing, smiling and her new skill, hugging daddy!)

And on that note, the other cutest thing is Anya’s reaction when K gets home. If she is breastfeeding or on my lap, she will turn her neck and shoulders a full 180 to peer at the sound of the opening door and then when she sees it is daddy she squeals, smiles and giggles with her whole body (you know happy-frantic leg and arm extensions to go with the laughter). Of course this makes K’s day… and frankly it kind of makes mine, too, it is so contagiously fun.

Ahh, yep, still loving this age!


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