Celebrating my new shape

Today is a day for celebrations. I got back into my old, pre-pregnancy jeans. I can zip them up and button them and everything! Okay, I can’t breathe, sit down or be seen outside in them (as there are new hangover areas you definitely would not want to have to look at!) but I got in them. I reckon that is HUGE progress and I am super excited.

I posit this success on two things:

1) walking with Anya in the ergo. I go for a walk with Anya most days and on days when I don’t have a bigger outings planned (such as going to a mommy-and-me group) I walk usually at least an hour with Anya in the carrier. I use the carrier because I like it – I enjoy the closeness, the warmth, the interaction and how easy it is for us to chat, etc. – and because Anya doesn’t much like the stroller, so even on the odd time I do try and put here in there she usually gets fussy after 15 or 20 minutes and then I end up carrying her in my arms anyway (and wishing I had just brought a carrier!)

2) mostly for Anya’s health but also for mine, I have been eating really quite well with lots of fresh greens and whole grains. Anya seems to be intolerant to a bunch of stuff (such as eggs, soy, tomatoes, etc) and the process of finding out what she does and does not react to has meant keeping my own diet very, very clean as she breastfeeds. That has been good for us both, I think.

So, okay, I know some people lost more weight than I did and quicker. I know moms who are much fitter than me and go running or what have you, but I am pretty happy with this. I have also started going to dance classes again, which I love!

Remembering my pre-pregnancy weight was not my ideal weight, I still have some work to do if I want to be super fit, healthy and lean. In any case I am still rejoicing in this, in a lot of ways I prefer my new, womanly shape: I have boobs now! Long may they last.

PS I don’t have a photo for this… maybe I’ll stick one in later if one comes to mind.


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