Milestone watch

At seven months, my baby has just learned how to clap. How cute is that?! She can now sit up all by herself and can even kind of move from sitting to all fours (when she is really motivated to do so). We can have little conversations now with either of us initiating it: I say da; she says da; she says mmbaa, I say mbah! What fun! Anya puts her arms up when she wants to be picked up, sometimes, which is just adorable, too. She definitely recognises certain words like ‘papa’ (which means cereal and is the baby word for eat in Portuguese) and if looking elsewhere will turn round and grab the spoon to eat when she hears it. She recognises her name and she also looks out for her daddy around dinnertime when she hears somebody coming up the steps.

She still plays ‘self-peekaboo’ where we put a cloth over her face and she pulls it off and looks for us – then we get a big smile when we say ‘peekaboo’ when she finds us! Sometimes she starts it by pulling something over her eyes (like her T-shirt) and then pulling it off and waiting for our delighted reaction. She loves drumming on her upside-down tub (told you… the best toys are not toys). She is still extremely ticklish, too, and she can now see it coming, now, so that if I make the tickling noise and even just threaten to tickle her she will start giggling.

New songs soothe and amuse her. Okay, ‘wheels on the bus’ is still her all time favourite (bless my ears!). She will smile as soon as it comes on, nowadays, but loads of other songs get her attention, too.

Anya baby is eating more and more. She can totally self-serve from her sippy-cup, which is just so cute to see. She needs a little help with tipping it high enough, though, but otherwise she grabs it when she is ready, holds it with both hands and sucks on the nipple. She pretty much feeds herself, too. Well I load up the spoon, but she grabs it and puts it in her mouth.

I love my little girl. She is a treat. And this phase is just so adorable, don’t all you mums agree?!


4 thoughts on “Milestone watch

  1. Anya likes to blow raspberries on people now. Guess it’s payback for all the ones we’ve been blowing on her belly.
    Also along with eating solids she has now become a ticking time bomb of mega poop!

    • Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzz! I miss you. Thank you for posting – thank you for reading. Yep mbah is it at the mo that and a few other sounds but she is definitely into practicing ‘words’. Kinda fab. I love this phase. Hope you get to see each other soon. Love you!!

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