Poo Glorious Poo

Since eating solids Anya’s pooing schedule has definitely changed. It went from one or two nice, liquidy poos a day to one mega-poo every three days. The other day I got home and thought ‘hmm something smells’ – assuming it was the bin. I took Anya out of the Ergo and lo and behold I was covered in poo. Poo, poo everywhere: on Anya, on the carrier, on my top. Aaaaarrgh! And it ain’t no sweet smelling breastfed baby poo. It is proper stinky ‘human’ poo. Gross.

I thought the sudden constipation was caused by the added iron in her organic brown rice (just saying that ‘cos you would think such a conscientious company would also use healthy iron…). But it does seem to be normalising now – nearly one a day. So I guess what everybody says is probably right: it was just her bowels getting used to processing solids.

Now, so, we have started giving her water, too. And she loves it. She just loves pawing at her little cup, pulling it to herself and drinking. I think it is as much about control as it is about thirst. But the upshot is that she is drinking much more and twice now pee has burst forth from her diaper during the night. Yep. I woke up covered in pee. Like covering mommy in poo the other day wasn’t enough!!



4 thoughts on “Poo Glorious Poo

  1. I now have a cunning plan where I try to time it so I am not the one holding Anya on day three. Didn’t work this morning though and I still find it icky when I get poop on my hands….

  2. A friend of mine told me that when his baby boy started on solids he began to have atomic bomb force poops! Once a day the kid would explode into his nappy with a force (and mass) that substantially jolted him as well as causing it to ooze, rather unexpectedly out of his nappy, and even on some occasions, the arm holes of his romper suit! Poo, glorious poo indeed!

    Again, this seemed to be prompted by Daddy holding the baby, rather than Mummy…I reckon they miss Daddy all day and save it up, just for him… ;-)

    • LOL – yep, that sounds about right.

      I love the idea that because babies miss their dads they think they will reward (punish?) them for their return (absence?) with poo. Hahahah. Love it!

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