The Continuum Concept

I wanted to share a couple of interesting articles by Jean Liedloff who also wrote ‘The Continuum Concept‘ the seminal work behind so many of the modern attachment parenting notions like baby-wearing and co-sleeping. The first article is here.

And yet in a way this other article of Liedloff’s sets the cat among the pigeons by saying many of us have gone too far in being child centered. Ahh, I love the anthropological view of child-rearing, to give us some perspective (and help us disentangle biological needs from current cultural fads). This is a thought-provoking article that really urges us to find the middle point between ‘abandoning our children to cry it out’ and becoming so child-centered that kids are lacking in immediate, strong role models as to how to act – if everyone is looking at the child to see what it is doing, who is the child going to look to and emulate?! As a friend of mine recently said ‘It is not what we do for our children, but what we do for ourselves that they will most remember and thank us for’, after all children learn by example – in other words, they follow what we do, more than what we say to do :p

I love this. I am going to sit and let it all percolate through my being, allowing this new vision of balance, these two ‘opposites’ find their space within me.


2 thoughts on “The Continuum Concept

  1. Hey Gauri,

    I was talking about you on my family vacation… picture a circle of women, aged 60 down to 13, talking about stuff. We have 3 single nieces, ages 34, 30, and 24, all of whom yearn to settle down and have a child. So I was talking about all of these “wild” (smile) things I learn from you – baby wearing, baby-led weaning. etc. It was so fun to talk about. We as a culture are not exposed to this stuff and we just have babies reading the most popular guides… we read conventional wisdom which is definitely not ancient wisdom. I love this stuff you expose me to!! It all makes such good sense, especially what you wrote here: “becoming so child-centered that kids are lacking in immediate, strong role models as to how to act”. Very interesting!!



    • Dearest, wise Shree,

      I LOVE that you are sharing these things with a ‘circle of women’. How perfect. I love being your guide into the world of the wonderful, way-out and sometimes plain wacky ways of natural moms. There is much love to be found ‘here’. All us natural mommas welcome you all to our midsts! Come to the light side :)

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