Should mothers go back to work as soon as possible? – VOTE NOW

Every Mother is a Working Mother

Image by Rhys Alton via Flickr

This is my first poll. I am really excited to hear your views as this is a subject I have been thinking about a lot.

I know it is very broad and sure I know one answer does not fit all scenarios, of course, but what I am trying to gauge is if people have a leaning, an overall preference or a feeling as to whether going back to work is good for mother and baby or whether staying at home is best.

Somebody recently told me that it is beneficial when mothers go back to work early (within 6 months) as it fosters a healthy independence. It allows the mother to re-carve out a life for herself and it gives baby a chance to make new friends and be influenced by other educators who can bring different strengths to the table. I thought they had a point… and yet my heart still yearns for me to be with my baby as long as I can.

I am sure it varies massively between people but I guess what I would like to get a picture of is your reflections on your own experiences. If you went back to work did you think that was a great think for you and your babe, in the long run, or did you really only do it ‘cos you had to and wouldn’t recommend it to others unless they are financially in need of it.

Conversely, if you chose to stay at home for a year or more do you think that was the best decision ever or did it just make it all the harder to separate yourself out from your baby’s life later. Did your life start to revolve around that of your little one(s) to the point that you lost your own identity and really wished you were back at work sooner?

I don’t know… but would love to get your votes for a quick overview plus I am happy to receive longer answers, too, perhaps get a debate going.

Please vote now!


2 thoughts on “Should mothers go back to work as soon as possible? – VOTE NOW

  1. This is what some of my facebook friends had to say in answer to the same question:

    – It depends on so many factors. If the mother has no company and hates being at home all day she may end up resenting the baby and if she’s not happy then the baby will know of course. In that case she’s better to have a part time job. I’d say the baby needs someone – anyone – who loves taking care of babies. And of course we all need community. Alas. x

    – Each mother and child chooses from the palette they have. Idealism verses reality, so many complex factors help us to make our choices and they are all perfect. I wanted desperately to be with my babies as they grew, didn’t have any famil…y to love them in my working absence so did extraordinary things to earn money to support them had extraordinary people who helped us along the way. I now see the advantages of what seemed at the time a terrible ‘lack’ for both them and myself. My heart wanted more for them and yet reality was kinder than I imagined. Love them, the rest will follow. There is no wrong choice. If you leave them in the company of others simply ensure the people love them.

    – based on my own experience I would stay with the baby til they were at least 3 years old then have them part time in a good nursery where it is clear that the childrne are happy and well cared for.
    it is good for them to mix with other child…ren at that age to gain some independence and are less clingy. some children who stay without other children’s interaction outrside the home become very clingy and not so confident. as for mum i feel it is important to mix with the world and talk and have other interests than children talk if you get what i mean:) i am sure you will find what is right for you…

    – Yes mixing with other people of their own age (all ages) is so important. Enables them work out how to share and collaborate and consider others.

    – Everyone needs to determine for their unique situation, there are so many pluses and minuses to both. I’m very lucky that I’m able to work just part-time and be close enough to go for a quick visit to my little one over lunch break. Though, if I did think I could keep my job and stay home the entire first year, I may have chosen that. But it is nice to have some adult time during the week again!

    – To some extent it depends upon the impact the job has on the mother, if it is a very competitive agressive work environment then I would imagine the quality of love and patience that the mother could give would not be adequate for the child to feel loved.

    Thank you all for taking the time to participate and giving me an inkling of what this strong group of thinkers has to say about this subject. And the veredict is: each family has to decide what works best for them, but there does seem to be a slight preference for staying at home with the babe if at all possible… if that makes everybody (including the mom) happy!

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