What a difference a month makes

My mom has been here for a month. She is going back home, to Portugal, in a few days (me so sad). She picked an awesome time to come, though. When she arrived Anya was 7 months old. She is now just past 8 months and she has learned, grown and developed so much in these past few weeks.

When my mum arrived Anya was rolling, rolling, rolling everywhere at the speed of light but she couldn’t move forward to grab something (or whatever). My mum went away for a week (during her month’s stay) and when she came back Anya had learned how to crawl on her belly. Adorable!! So much frustration was resolved for her with that, too! She can now go where she wants and get what she wants… until the big mummy in the sky scoops her up and moves her ‘somewhere safer’.

When mum arrived, Anya had no teeth. Now she has cut two teeth. She has also perfected her clap and now claps, very sociably, when we clap so that we take it in turns! She is getting really good at too-ing and fro-ing that way. We can do that with singing, blowing raspberries, drumming and even playing ball. Yep she can now roll a ball to me and catch it (you know, with some effort) when I roll it to her. So cute.

Anya kind of points, too. I mean she has a gesture that seems to be a proto-point. She uses it (open hand, arm extended) to announce that she sees Grammy or a duck. Grammy also noticed she was starting to show us things and even hand us objects she finds interesting, like a toy. My oh my, my little girl is growing up.

In this time, Anya has also learned how to sit up from lying down and back up again, semi-gracefully. This means she has discovered verticality and no longer notices only objects on the floor. Now everything is in the real of the graspable.

Anya’s language skills seem to be bursting to come forth. When my mother arrived Anya could babble but there were definitely no words. Now… well, now we hear ‘dada’ quite a lot (which seems to be her word for both of us, really, kind of meaning ‘parent’ or ‘person I love’). Occasionally she says ‘ma’ for mama, when she really, really wants me (usually said through sobs). She also repeats the sound ‘aca’ (as in qua-qua – the sound a duck makes in Portuguese) when she sees a duck. She says it with great excitement and whole body waves as she lurches forward seemingly to grab one of the birds. She even says ‘oya’ (for Ola’) each time she greets the bear in the car (sweet… though I reckon she thinks that is his name. Hmm… need to correct that :p ). Fascinating and actually quite awe-inspiring to watch as this little being builds comprehension of language.

Finger foods are on the menu, now, too. She can feed herself chunks of food, like avocado – even if 9 out of 10 pieces end up on the floor… or anywhere but her mouth. The high chair was literally pasted green the other day.

Most sweetly sad… Anya has just learned how to wave, just in time to say bye-bye to Grammy :(


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