Awesomeness Report

Nearly everyday when Kai comes home, I say “Anya did something awesome, today!” He’ll reply “Something new?! What is it?” And I’ll go on to tell him what I observed in our daughter for the first time that day. And pretty much since she was three months old you can see something new everyday – however small or big.

Today, for the first time, I saw Anya pull herself up to standing. How cool is that?! That sent me down a completely different train of thought. I mean she has been pushing up to standing for sometime now. As in she’ll stand up in her high chair (on the little foot pedestal thingey) and reach for her water bottle, for example, if it is a bit far, but today was the first time I saw her pull up from sitting to standing by leaning on a table. It was, well… awesome. But here is the crux of it, in a home where she sleeps on the floor with us, where there is no play pen, exersaucer or bars (as there is a full time mom instead of mechanical mothering devices… which hey, have a place, I get it but I keep them as last resort, a sanity saver if/when mom needs to buy them) where does a baby practice pull ups? Well, it turns out the answer is, as with most things, on me. But now that I am aware of how much she wants to practice this skill I can create opportunities and/or not stand in the way of Anya creating her own opportunities to pull up onto (safe) furniture. And she has done it about five times since I first saw her do it, today, so I guess that is her ‘learning edge’ as they say. She really balances there in a standing position for a long old time.

This, of course, will continue to challenge our baby proofing (or lack thereof)… but in the meantime, let us bask in the achievement of this little human being. What an awesome report I have for Kai today! I can’t wait.


N.B. ‘Awesome’ is our American word. When we moved here we thought in order to assimilate fully into the local culture we’d have to do as locals do and say ‘Awesome!’ a lot and with a long drawl. And, I have got to say the word is awesome is… freakin’ fabulous!


P.S. I don’t have a photo for this particular awesome feat, yet. Will you settle for a photo of another cute milestone – Anya learning to drink from a cup alone (which she did a few weeks back, now)?

avocado on baby face


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