Anxious about Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is now well and truly here. Anya cries when I so much as am out of arm’s distance or turn a corner into a room she can’t see me in, often. And at night it means nobody can settle her but me, it seems. Having said that I would say she is almost as attached to Kai as she is to me – which is a good thing. I mean she whimpers when he leaves, too. But on the plus side I can leave her with daddy and she is quite happy.

Okay but here is the kicker, I just read separation anxiety lasts from 8 months (uh-huh, *nod*, right on schedule) until 2 years of age. Two years??! Nobody told me that!! I knew it was coming. I was bracing myself for the ‘only mommy will do phase’ but I thought it would last a couple of months, not nearly a couple of years! Crikey!


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