Doing the dance of joy!

The phenakistoscope – a couple waltzing

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On Thursday I did the ‘yeah-yeah-yeah’ dance all through the house. My daughter learned how to crawl! Hoorah! She did a proper, if wobbly big girl crawl – on all fours, belly off the ground. It was a thing of great beauty. I was so happy and proud I just had to pick her up and bounce her up and down while singing ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah’! Well, wouldn’t you?!

I am often amazed at how baby’s development just unfurls, like a seed grows into a tree. It seemingly automatically knows what to do and where to go with little or no involvement from us grown ups (if all is well). It is like watching a miracle in slow motion. Or is it a series of little miracles happening on a daily basis. Either way: Amen.

NB Photo or video to follow…?


4 thoughts on “Doing the dance of joy!

    • It is. It is true: just so amazing. I never thought much of it when I heard about other kids as they developed, but watching Anya up close gives me a real understanding for just how much she works for every little step toward becoming a ‘person’ – hah the irony. Don’t we spend so much time after that letting go of personhood? Actually, on that note, it is interesting to know that she is now becoming aware that she is a separate person. That is why she has ‘separation anxiety’. So I guess this is the way of things: first we learn to identify with the body, so we can move it, etc… then we remember we are not this form but only something moving in it.

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