TFI Friday!

I wrote this yesterday… but was too tired to post it.

Here’s the good news: Kai has a new job! Hooray. I am really happy for him and super proud. Here’s the not so good news: I am burned out from a week with no support.

My mom has left so it is all me, again, but before mom was here Kai was working very near by. He could leave home as late as 9am which meant he often took the morning shift with baby which let me sleep in. He occasionally came home for lunch which broke up my day really well and then he was home by 6pm at the latest most days (although he often brought work home – but at least he was here!). And, added bonus, he worked from home most Fridays. Super! So my week only extended 4 days of solitude.

Okay I am being dramatic. In those days I go out to mommy-and-me groups, I meet up other mums and sometimes I have extra baby and me classes like Music Together or Sign Language (which I am yet to start). And I always try to get out of the house at least once a day, even if it is just for a walk…

Still, this week stretched on and on. Kai now leaves home at 6.30am and doesn’t come home till 6pm. Hey I know that is pretty good compared to many dads and I also know as he gets deeper into his project he’ll be bringing work home a lot, again, but for now, after the shock of my mum leaving :p it really does feel like the day drags on. There are some amazing highs in the midst of it all, of course.  But at the end of the week I am just… exhausted!


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