Snotty kid, mine?! Nah!…

Snot, snot everywhere!… Snot under the nose, on the nose, on the cheek, in the eye, on the eyebrow, on my clothes… everywhere!!

Anya and I were sick with a mild flu (hence radio-silence). There was a cough, a temperature and lots and lots of snot. We are (insh’Allah) well on the mend, now.

This was what I think of as a good, old-fashioned Equinox clean-out. The body reaches its limit (dodgy food, cold weather, stress… whatever) and it says it is time to shut down and clean out. Our temperatures raised. We burned off some toxicity… and somehow I am already feeling better for it. Nature’s built-in seasonal detox. Hooray!

This isn’t to say my mind didn’t go into the first-time-mom-scare-a-thon. It did. Could it be whooping cough?! There is an outburst in the local area and the symptoms are the same as… there is always an outburst of something in the local area. Let’s face it. Best not go there until or unless there is reason to suspect it is something really serious (if only my subconscious would get on board with this!). Anyway…

We are both 99% better, now, and yet, the image of my little daughter rubbing snot into her eyes stays with me!

She just wouldn’t let me clean it. I guess all kids are like that. Eventually I twigged that she’d let me pick her nose (with my finger!!!) just not with a cloth. It makes sense evolutionarily. You don’t want people blocking off your airways – good that we are born with an instinct that says: ‘oh, no you don’t’. Yet… I needed my girl to look and be clean. So, the things we’ll do for love – I picked my little girl’s nose. Gross you say! Oh yeah. Lovely…

Mother and child

Image via Wikipedia

Meanwhile, between times we’d manage to dance our way to a clean nose, I carried round a kid who was, well, less than snot-free. I never thought that would be me, the girl with the snotty kid. Turns out it was. You never think your kid will be the one that bites, yells or has tantrums publicly either. Not that mine does (knock on wood) but my point is when you dream of this life you think your kid will be charming and you’ll be a perfect mom who gets 100% of snot off her kid 100% of the time.

Ahh, well… yet another lesson courtesy of motherhood 101.


2 thoughts on “Snotty kid, mine?! Nah!…

  1. AH well now we are separating the men from the boys… the women from the girls? haha! This post was GROSS MAN GROSS! I can handle everything else, but snot, oh my god no… I need to go lie down!!

    Signed, your friend with no kids :)

    • Yep, snot-fest! There was no escaping it. Yeah, well, nobody tells you you are signing up for this sh*t… or maybe they did and I blocked it out in my mind! Along with that, I also blocked out any references to green, black, yellow or explosive poos; kicking, biting, pinching and scratching; and sweaty-head baby smell (cheesy, for the record). But the cuteness, the smiles and the fun more than make up for this and sooo much more. Thank goodness and Amen.

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