Treat-days: how I find my mamma-sanity

Pedicure Day

Image by Rachel D via Flickr

Sundays have become treat days.

As you know, for many months (I can’t remember now, four? six?) I had no time off, as such, to do things just for me. I was with my daughter 24/7. This was for a number of reasons. I was (and am) doing baby-led-breastfeeding – that is, on cue – and during the first three of four months that meant Anya was on my breast often for 50 minutes out of every hour! (yeah she liked to suckle!!). I guess that plus recovery from the cesarean and the fact that I got little consecutive sleep meant I didn’t have much energy, anyway. This was all compounded by the fact that at the time I knew almost nobody in my local area and the people I did know in the wider Bay Area were mostly not baby people.

Anyway, my first real outing, of time for myself, was to go to dance-aerobics class. I loved it! But unfortunately I am so out of shape that I would come out red as a beetroot and as parched as a desert flower and twice the class was followed by a migraine (due to the dehydration which I just could not drink enough to keep at bay, it would seem). So, I have decided to give my Sunday dance classes a miss for now. I am still walking lots and I’d like to do some more exercise but something gentler for now, like Yoga, perhaps. Meanwhile, I wanted to take advantage of my hubby’s kind offer to take care of Anya for a few hours while I do something just for me on a Sunday. So it is that the last few Sundays have become treat days!

So far I have gone for a massage, gone to the cinema (to see Avatar in 3D – yeah! – sounds corny but I loved it) and gone for a pedicure, my first ever, actually. Oh, yes, I like this new life!!


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