Did you know…?


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Did you know that…

  1. Babies can only process one sense at a time, so if they are focussing hard on looking at something, chances are they can’t hear you when you call their name (no, they are not ‘ignoring’ you) or if they are really tasting something, they won’t really notice you signing frantically to them in the background, until they ‘switch’ the main sense to which they are paying attention. [Source: Baby Sense by Ann Richardson and Megan Faure]
  2. Sleep begets sleep: the earlier a baby goes to sleep the better and longer they stay asleep, generally. [Source: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby by Dr Mark Weissbluth]
  3. Babies’ development progresses in cycles, when they are working hard on motor skills their cognitive skills are probably taking a back seat and vice-versa. With Anya I can see it in cycles of about two weeks or so but some kids apparently really go all out say to learn how to walk and often pay less attention to learning words and language for a few months – or it could happen the other way around.  But remember to factor that in if you are going milestone-crazy waiting for a particular learning event to come because your kid was ‘ahead’ in some other area. [Source: Baby Talk by Dr Sally Ward]

Just wanted to share some little factoids that stay with me as I watch Anya learn and grow.


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