The cutest nap ever

A few weeks back we had the cutest nap, eva! It was time for Anya’s morning nap and I had not had a great night’s sleep myself so I lay down to have a nap with her. I breastfed Anya, both of us lying on our sides and we fell asleep. Then, Anya woke up, sat bolt upright, eyes open, looked at me and… dove right onto me so that I was lying on my side and she was kind of kneeling over me in ‘baby pose’, shins on the bed, body over mine, butt in the air. She woke up again after a while and did the same thing again: sat straight up, opened her eyes then flopped back on to me.

Not at all sure what that was all about. Perhaps her digestive system was giving her trouble and being more upright helped, or maybe it eased her breathing. Dunno. She hasn’t done it again since, but I got to tell you it was adorable to see her sleeping there, over me, in such a sweet position.


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