Sick of getting Sick

I seem to be getting sick again. It is the third cold in about a month. The first was fierce and included a fever. Both Anya and I got it. Then, a week or so after I got better, I felt a bit peaky like I was coming down with something (I am calling that number two). Anya got a cold then – only symptoms: very runny nose and occasional cough. She has still got that same cold (stuffy nose still very much here). I never came down with any symptoms that time… but today again I woke up with a slight sore throat. I am not sick as such I just don’t feel at my best. What is going on?!

I am the person who never came down with whatever was going around. The last time I had a propper cold was two years ago when I spent Christmas in my parents house and caught a draught that took me out. I am generally quite resilient and now this. And what happened to breastfeeding being the manna of the gods helping boost my child’s immune system? I can only comfort myself with the thought that if she were not breastfed she might be suffering even more. Blah.

Yes, my diet has not been ideal but it hasn’t been awful, either – mostly home-cooked and lots of fresh greens from our veggie box. I am taking my homeopathics and now have added vitamin C (by the bucket load) back in. Aaarrrhh… more water, more greens, more acidophillus… keep it coming.

And what has so devastated my immune system? Is it stress? Was it the antibiotics during the c-section (I’d never had any before, perhaps my gut flora was super sensitive to them)?! Is it my diet that is lacking? Grr… Maybe all of the above, maybe nothing I am ever going to know for sure.


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