Back on the path to wellness

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So, as you may have guessed by my radio silence, it happened: the slow, inevitable descent into illness. Blah. This cold/flu was worse than the last. In fact it was the worst flu I have had for ages with a proper fever including waves of hot and cold, chills and everything. Full on.

Well, at least I can say my body is doing a great job at clearing things out, burning off toxicity. I am rather proud of my body that it can still raise its temperature with the best of them, when/if it needs to and I am sweating and snotting out toxins by the bucket load – yep, bet you wanted to know that!

But I am sad my body has to!… I have come to the conclusion that this is all because I am so run down. Chronic lack of sleep and just not eating enough or always the freshest things for the last few weeks in particular as Anya gets ever more mobile and energetic (leaving me less time to eat, let alone cook) is just catching up with me. And yes, I have been stressed. And yes I should eat more greens and get more alkalised as my dad, the naturopath, is always telling me. But still… I am not used to this. I don’t usually catch whatever ‘is going round’. Colds and flus have been very rare in my life in the last decade or so. I do get migraines, I am not saying my health is perfect just that seasonal colds were not often a big deal. Until now: two flus (strong colds?) in two months. Kinda crazy.

So, now for an action plan for wellness. First: eat breakfast every day. I am not much of a breakfast person and that is the first thing I drop. At this point, I am thinking of getting back on a protein shake (as I did during pregnancy), perhaps this one. Pricey, but the ingredients look really good and it is both vegan and soy free – awesome. If not, I’ll just take spirulina or another seaweed based supplement as Spirulina is between 20 and 75% protein (which is higher than meat!) and contains both chlorophyll and iron, which are important in helping me and Anya step away from anemia, for good. I have a green food supplement which I will be phasing back in, too. These are some easy first steps. Generally eating more fresh cooked or raw vegetables and making sure I get enough sleep (if not all in one go, at least through the help of strategic naps) is also on the agenda.

I am also thinking of going back to either dance or yoga. I would prefer dance, but I am so unfit that it actually seems to hinder more than help my health, right now – shocking, I know. As I have said before, I got a migraine two of the last times I did a aerobic-dance class, due to sheer dehydration, I presume. So, we’ll see, either I need a gentler dance class or yoga it is.

A plan for overall wellness, which brings in mental, emotional, spiritual and physical balance, is also emerging. More on that later, perhaps. For now, just sharing my challenges, the message from the Universe to get my butt in gear and take care of myself and my slow movement back in the direction of healthy living.

Thanks for being there. Thanks for caring. Hugs. Yours,


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