Playing hide-and-seek with the fairies

Our favourite game at the moment: I show Anya the fairy, a toy her grandpa gave her with a rattle inside it; then I fly the fairy to a new location in the room while Anya watches and I say a cute rhyme in Portuguese about fairies flying some place new. Anya’s job is then to go and retrieve the fairy. She loves it. It is so much fun and keeps us ocupied for ages and, if you think about it, it is training both her language understanding (she totally understands the word fairy – even in very different contexts plus she is learning about directions, for example: “look, the fairy is on the table”) and her motor skills as I place the fairy in a variety of tricky to reach places. Sometimes the fairy ‘hides’ inside stuff for Anya to find, too.

There is so much joy in the moment of finding the fairy. We all celebrate and then… start again!


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