I forgive myself…

Summer field in Belgium (Hamois). The blue flo...

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I forgive myself in advance for all the stuff I will find out later that I didn’t know and ‘should have known’, for not reading the research I should have read or done what I should have done in raising my daughter. I accept that I am not perfect, that I, as a mother, am a work in progress. I understand that I will continue to grow and learn techniques, approaches or just gain confidence and ease that will make me look back at some of the things I am doing now and cringe. That is okay. I trust that I am learning what I need to learn when I need to learn it. I am confident the right book, chance encounter or insight will come to me when it is needed – this has always been the case in my life until now, as I see it.

I trust that all is well, now. I surrender trying to be the perfect mom, ready to find out what kind of mom I am. I am…


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