Where have I been? and where to from here?

It would seem I have been taking an unexpected sabbatical from blog writing. Sorry about that. Of course loads of ideas for blog posts have been getting back-logged in my mind but things have been so busy (as I am sure they have been for many of you, too) that it has been hard to take a moment to write them down, properly. So, all being well, some of them will make it to e-paper soon, soon… then again we are travelling to Europe pretty soon, so the flow may remain a little stop-start for the next few weeks. Do come back and check-in, though. Leave messages, let me know how your child-rearing life is going and if there is anything you’d like me to address. Will be great fun to come back to it…

I should say my intention was always to chart my first year as a parent in a blog and then reassess. Anya’s first birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks. So it is time to chose the best course for my blogging future. I am taking votes on that too. I mean, what kind of posts do you most enjoy reading here. Are you a friend or family member who reads my blog for Anya updates? Are you a new mother or parent who finds solace in experiences that echo your own? Do you enjoy the reflections on parenting styles? Why do you read this blog? Perhaps it is time for a slight re-invention :)

Over to you. Photo from Halloween… just to keep you guessing.


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