What is your highlight of the day? My daughter walked!…

Kai and I often play this game: at the end of the day we ask each other ‘what has been your highlight of today? what has been your lowlight? and what if anything have  you learnt?’ Today, I want to share mine with you.

  1. My highlight: Anya took a few steps unsupported. Little things make your heart leap for joy. She actually took her first steps a week or so ago when Kai and I were staying with her Chinese grandparents in England. She took a couple of steps without holding onto anything a few times on a few days in England, but since I have been in Portugal, visiting my parents she hasn’t done it at all… until today. I was feeling a bit grumpy ‘cos it was way past Anya’s travel-schedule bedtime (which, believe it or not is midnight – which afterall is 5pm in San Fran) and she was showing no signs of giving in to tiredness any time soon. Then she started ‘walking’ and it was all worth while. Woohooo!
  2. My lowlight: actually today was a lovely day so I’ll have to scratch around for one. My parents, Anya and I went to the incredible Lisbon aquarium. It really is the most fabulous one I have ever seen. Anya enjoyed it, too. It rained a lot as we were driving home, proper thunder storm and everything but I have got to say, that was just awe-inspiring and beautiful, too. So my only lowlight would be, you know, sparks of family tension – nothing major, just wear and tear from years of different personalities rubbing against each other. By and large it was a great family-fun day, though.
  3. My lesson of the day: remember the Universe is taking care of EVERYTHING. Everything is taken care of – even little babies’ bedtimes. Why get stressed that she is up a few minutes later than I had planned? After all, as they say, if you want to give God a laugh, tell  him your plans… and with any luck He’ll surprise you with a special gift that makes ‘breaking your plans’ the best plan of all.

What are your highlights for today?


3 thoughts on “What is your highlight of the day? My daughter walked!…

    • My, why that is sweet and flattering. I will definitely pay it forward… although not sure I am following 15 blogs. I love the ones I do follow but not sure how many there are. Maybe I’ll surprise myself.

      THANK YOU and keep the great posts coming :)

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