Mrs Meyers is my new best friend

Mrs. Meyers

Image by Anne With An "E" via Flickr

I discovered Mrs Meyers products and I love them. I am not much of one for product reviews or endorsements. I am also not much of one for cleaning, given half a chance… but with Mrs Meyers I am happy to clean and clean. It just makes me so joyous, I want to sing while I clean, a la Cinderella but without the animals. Genius! Who thought of putting aromatherapy together with cleaning products? [Umm… I guess Mrs Meyers did!]  So simple, so perfect for me. Yumm!…


6 thoughts on “Mrs Meyers is my new best friend

  1. I haven’t tried those products yet, but I’ve been eyeballing them. The aromatherapy angle would definitely work wonders on my mood while cleaning. lol Since you stated that you aren’t the type for product endorsements and/or reviews, I will take your endorsement of these products as proof that they are excellent. :)

    • Well, I love them, yes. I have just discovered them, really (though I too had seen them around for a while). I was never drawn to them as the packaging is a bit hoky (spelling?), somehow. I use the countertop sprays. My fave is the lavender one. I figure that has got to be a good one for cleaning the table where my kid eats, as I know lavender is antiseptic and, of course, smells lovely.

      Let me know if you like them, too :)

    • Cheers and… weird. I have got to say I never imagined, when I wrote this post, that other people would go out and buy it. Funny, really, as I suppose that kind of follows naturally from singing its praises. I guess I thought I was just describing something that was happening in my life, rather than prescribing it to others… Anyway, I hope you enjoy it too. Come back and let me know, either way! :)

      NB Hint: If I am cleaning a particularly dirty, encrusted area (yes stuff stays on the high chair, underneath mostly, long enough to get encrusted sometimes) I kind of ‘soak’ the chair in it first, essentially I spray and then leave it on a few minutes before wiping it off. It works a charm :)

      Thanks for stopping by, Julia. Have a good one

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