Blossoming as a mother – Mayim Bialik (aka ‘Blossom’) is not a kid anymore. She is all grown up with a kid of her own.

Mayim Biyalik at the rehearsal for the 1989 Ac...

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This is one of those ‘I wish I had written that’ moments. Below is a link to a simple and clear outline of why responsive (or ‘attachment’) parenting makes sense to so many of us… written by none other than ‘Blossom’ (remember her, from the TV series?): TODAYMoms – Meet the newest TODAY Moms blogger: Mayim Bialik.

I actually saw her a few weeks back on ‘What not to Wear’ (yep I watched that). I missed the beginning but had this nagging feeling I knew this woman they were making over. So I googled her and lo and behold it was Blossom. That got me curious so I ended up on her blog which blew me away – she writes very passionately and articulately about both parenting and judaism – two things close to her heart. Thanks to Lisa for pointing me towards this particular article, I am inspired as both a blogger and a barefoot mama.


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