Lost in translation: how do you say ‘park’ in American?

It seems like, since I have moved to America, 9 times out of 10 when I ask somebody to direct me to the local park I end up at a (man-made, plastic) playground. I feel like going back and saying ‘I meant a park, you know, somewhere my kid can hang out with trees and wildlife’.  It isn’t that there isn’t a place for swings and slides, of course there is and my kid loves them, but most children are so happy just to be in Nature, too. I would prefer it if my baby was in nature 9 times out of 10 and at the playground once, you know? 

As it was, today, when we found the park (read ‘playground’) Anya just played with the leaves on the ground, most of the time. Makes me laugh. If left to their own devices kids need so little to be content and entertained – why get in the way of that?


3 thoughts on “Lost in translation: how do you say ‘park’ in American?

  1. So true! You should check out the Children & Nature Network I’ve done some volunteer work with the Bay Area chapter, and there are lots of resources there for the “nature is enough” minded parent. Two awesome local spots without playgrounds are Full Circle Farm and Hidden Villa, also Redwood Grove in Los Altos.


    p.s. I love the pic in your blog header – so so sweet! :-)

    • Hey, cool. I’ll check them out – sounds fab. Thanks for compliment on photo. That means A LOT coming from you. I am a big fan (as you know). I was just thinking of changing that photo in the header… perhaps I’ll keep it a little bit longer ;)

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