Come meet the family – the facebook family

Have you joined our little facebook community, yet? It is such a fun and easy way to keep track of blog posts as well as share links, ask questions and generally enter into a two-way convo about all matters natural-parenting related. I have really taken to sharing inspiring blog posts (from other mother-bloggers) on facebook, posting quick quotes and questions and the like. I love how instant the feedback can be. As the page’s admin, I also get to see how many people click each link I post and how many people re-post and though the group is still small and people are sometimes shy about commenting, I can see how often you have been sharing the links I post and I am humbled. Thanks all.

Mine is still a small, independent (no brand sponsorships, etc), family and friend blog – so, please, come join the family discussion at


2 thoughts on “Come meet the family – the facebook family

  1. I joined your facebook page as me and am also going to have my blog page like you as well.
    Thank you so much for the kind words you wrote in the comments of my guest blog post. Also thank you for sharing it. You have added to the warmth within me tonight. ((hug))

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