G-whiz I hope these green diapers work!

I am finally coming over to the light side. I am trying some properly environmentally friendly diapers. These are the G-diapers which are (self-proclaimed as) the most biodegradable nappies (nods at British friends) in the world. The inserts are 100% biodegradable and can be either flushed or composted. They have a very neat video of them degrading in soil next to two other types of nappies.

 Okay, with the word ‘Earth’ in my moniker you’d think I would have sorted the green stuff out first. To be honest I have spend most of my energy on the Loving (myself as I recover from PPA and my daughter demonstrating it through co-sleeping, breastfeeding on cue, etc.) and generally learning to be a Mama (which with just me and my working partner and very little other support has been a… learning curve) so that the Earth bit though still very important has been, I confess, a little neglected. I mean, I still use environmentally friendly cleaning products and body-care products… although I also try to chill and not be so hard a*se that I tie myself in knots over these things. I do what I can. I reuse, reduce and recycle. I drive a Prius… although the verb kind of undoes the noun there, no? And I fly, maybe once a year or so – but across an ocean – so that pretty much undoes everything else I could do, somehow, even though I do carbon offset.

… Anyway, before giving birth I always meant to use cloth diapers. I looked up the local service… hey I am a hippy but a realist about my own energy and commitment – hand washing pooey diapers wasn’t going to happen. But I quickly found out there are lots of trade-off every way you go. With a service there is the mileage of the van that comes to collect your diapers and swap them off plus they tripple wash the diapers so they come out clean enough for you to put (communal) diapers on your precious baby’s butt. Tripple washing in a state with a water shortage is, well, not that environmentally friendly, after all. Bummer (no pun intended). So things weren’t as clear cut as I might have started off thinking.

So, then, partly through laziness, partly through compromise I turned to compostable and more environmentally friendly (ish) disposables. We tried Nature Babycare first. They are biodegradable and lovely as a product… but they leak and, let’s be honest, performance counts. I am a hippy but I am a modern, urban hippy and expect quality (and less laundry than having to wash 3 outfits a day because the diapers keep leaking). So, we turned to Seventh Generation. Those are not biodegradable but at least they are chlorine-free (the poison that is in bleach and that is just that – a poisonous killer, in nature). Those worked really well for us. She can keep one on all night – no leaks. Fabulous… but I still felt bad about contributing to landfill in such a huge way. There has to be a better solution, right? I also tried the WholeFoods own branded diapers for comparison (they are also not biodegradable but chlorine free). They left some weird, micro-ball residue behind so we stopped using those, too.

Now, finally, at 16 months (!!!) we are going greener. We are trying G-diapers. A couple of my friends said they didn’t work for them, the fit wasn’t right and they leaked. I believe them of course and still I need to try something different for all of us, so here we are seeing if they work for us. I am feeling really good about this, I have got to say. It is the little stuff, right? Hooray!

I’ll come back and post to let you know how we get on with these. ‘Tis rather exciting really.

I will say for now, that they are super fresh looking and make her butt look that cutilicious round shape of natural diapers that I adore. Here’s hoping they work!

Interesting diaper review: http://www.keenforgreen.com/b/battle-green-disposable-diapers


5 thoughts on “G-whiz I hope these green diapers work!

  1. Se queres a minha opinião – as fraldas devem ser quase todas iguais, por isso acho que é preferível comprares das mais baratas – no ebay consegues comprar 16 por 70 euros. Compras para aí umas 24 ou mais, para não teres de fazer máquinas com poucas fraldas. À noite é preferível usar descartáveis. Ou senão existem umas fraldas chamadas ecopipo http://ecopipo.com.mx/ que dizem que aguentam cerca de 10 horas.
    Não é complicado usar fraldas de pano…

  2. Quero a tua opiniao, claro (o que nao quer dizer que a siga – lol). Mas quero saber :)

    Nao tenho medo que seja ‘complicado’. Tinha medo que fosse a) um pouco nojento (desculpa sei que esta palavra e’ forte demais, mas sou ’emigranta’ e o meu vocabulario nao e’ perfeito, nao e’?) e b) que a casa ficasse mal cheirosa (se usar um servico que so’ as vem apanhar uma vez por semana e c) que fosse menos conveniente, quando estou na rua, por exemplo (ter de trazer as fraldas de volta. Mas sinceramente nao foi so por estas razoes ‘intelectuais’ que nao as usei. Simplesmente habituamo-nos as outras no hospital e depois foi mais facil continuar com essas. E lembra-te que nao temos maquina de lavar roupa em casa – temos que usar a laundrette partilhada!! Isso faz uma grande diferenca.


  3. Foi o que eu disse – são todas +/- iguais. Já vi que elas ficam apertadinhas nas pernas – isso é bom por causa das fugas.
    Quanto ao facto de serem nojentas: são fraldas, serão sempre nojentas :D. Quando os cocós são mais sólidos despejam-se na sanita. Depois é só tirar os inserts, dobrar os velcros e colocar no saco.
    Na nossa casa quando temos dois sacos cheios fazemos uma máquina. Temos dois sacos daqueles de natação, para por as fraldas e não me parece que cheire muito.
    A única diferença que eu vejo entre ter ou não máquina em casa é o trabalho de ir para a lavandaria…e o facto de que não se deve secar as fraldas nas máquinas de secar a roupa.

    Quando saimos de casa levo um saco de plástico e ponho a fralda usada lá dentro – sem cheiros e sem molhar tudo.

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