Wordless Wednesday – Bre@stfe*ding Gallery

With thanks to my loving partner who took all of these – his photos (sometimes by commission), my edits. Thank you!


6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Bre@stfe*ding Gallery

  1. For a second there I was thinking “wow – your house is wonderfully designed!” Then I realized that’s Ikea… LOL! I LOVE that last picture!

  2. I enjoyed your photos. I have fond memories of breastfeeding. I had a friend who was so embarrassed to do it in public. I remember telling her to relax and that eating (or drinking milk) in public is no biggie. Everyone does it. Even her baby deserves to do that freely. :o)

  3. @Momma Jorje – thanks. Me, too, that is definitely my favourite!!

    @Soniac9 – yep, two of these were in public (not sure where you saw these, so not sure if you knew that already) – one is the one in Ikea (big living room ‘set’) and the other is the second to last one which is at a local Mall (outdoors). I do it all the time and quite brazenly… though with sensitivity. I’ll try and cover up with a shawl (baby permitting) if I am in the company of husbands (whose wives may not want them viewing other women’s boobies – haha) or people who seem generally uncomfortable with it. I try to feel and respect other people’s feelings even as I myself am quite comfortable feeding my child whenever, wherever she is hungry, thirsty or in need of connection with mommy.

    Thanks to both of you for stopping by!

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