Pics of the Week: Like mother like daughter

When my daughter was in the womb I worried that (especially because her daddy is Chinese) she would look so little like me that people would ask me all the time if she was adopted. Hey, I am all for adoption and still daydream about adopting a kid, now… but when pregnant perhaps the hormones took hold and I really wanted for people to at least think she might be mine, biologically.

I don’t know, I think there is a family resemblance…




Do you have side-by-side photos of your kids and of you or your partner as a baby? Do you look alike? Isn’t it amazing to look at them again in this new light? Please do share if you can link to your family baby photos :)


5 thoughts on “Pics of the Week: Like mother like daughter

  1. She is absolutely a beautiful mix of both you and her daddy.

    And for us, I assumed our baby wouldn’t look like us because he IS adopted, but the strangest thing is that he looks like us and our family members. Go figure!

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