Pic(s) of the week: Xmas marks the heart spot

Christmas morning at our house:

— — —

What was your Christmas like? Do you have photos to share? Or just draw us a picture in words – what were the highlights (and if you want lowlights) of your Christmas day?


8 thoughts on “Pic(s) of the week: Xmas marks the heart spot

  1. I always forget to get the best of moments on camera, but this Christmas was by far the best Christmas I have ever had. Not because of the awesome presents, but because of the love, the laughter, the togetherness, …. you know, the things that really count!

    • Oh, yeah – it is sooooo much about the feeling, isn’t it. I often fail to get the camera out – despite my love of photography – but this time I really made it a priority. Also thinking of starting a new one-a-day photography project in the New Year, so that should be extra incentive :)

      Glad you had a good one, filled with joy and connection!!

    • Thank you. The animals have accumulated over the years (starting before Pipoca was born): some are mine, some are hubby’s (he has a penguin thing – so I gave him one… or two, can’t remember. Hahah). So we got all the seasonal ones out hahaha. And yes, we love the tree. It is ‘fake’. I was going to post about that – just couldn’t bring myself to kill one of my brethren trees just for a few days (though I understand why people like real ones, of course!). Anyway: THANKS!

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