366/week 3: footprints, reflections and hikes

Week 3 of the Mamatography 366 (photo-a-day for a year) project. I am doing this to push myself, to build my photography skills, keep a record of the year and have fun. Won’t you join us? Sign up here if you are up for the challenge.

Day 11


Day 12

How much of my life is spent like this, waiting for the little one to wake up from her nap?! Hey… at least she had a nap!  :)  And then – surprise! – we were at the beach:

Day 13

Yeah, well, I am a mom – expect lots of playground, park and supermarket shots!! lol

Day 14

daddy does kung fu… and so do I!

playing peekaboo from the car

Day 15

We ‘conquered’ Mount Tamalpais (the highest peak in the area)… and by ‘conquered’ we mean we drove 99% of the way up and then packed little one in the rucksack to walk up the last (freezing cold) 1o mins – hahah! The views were stunning – even if the whole thing was a little Disney-mountain…

Day 16

Oh, yeah… expect lots of bike photos, too!…

Day 17

Day 18

baby was sick… so instead of doing a photo of thermometers (or puke) I bring you this lovely little shell, instead :)
[I am going to try and do one Still Life a week… and perhaps one selfie per week, as well. We’ll see.]


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