366/week 4: a foot in the library

Okay, still going strong with my ‘Mamatography‘ 365 challenge. Lovin’ it, too. I have said before I find it hard work because of my *ahem* perfectionist tendencies… but I am trying to loosen up, post-process less and just have fun with it. How is it going for you? (and if you haven’t started yet there is still time to join, all you need is a camera, a baby and a blog :)

So, without further ado, here is our week in photos:

Day 19

Baby was sick. So we stayed indoors… and stared wistfully out of the window, in hope…

Day 20

Pipoca was still sick so we had a family Saturday at home. It was a lovely day, actually… but not very photogenic, so I fell back on an old selfie-stand-by: bathroom mirror shot (complete with baby trousers – ‘cos that is what it is like when you are a mom-photographer)

Day 21

Skype – what would we do without you?! Here seen with monkey skyping grammy (with monkey)  :)

Day 22

Yoga, baby!
I mentioned I need to get fitter, pronto! So, here is my first step: mama-and-baby yoga.

Day 23

Gung Hei Fat Choi!!
Chinese New Year. We went out to buy something new and red… and took a break for some food and water.

Toddler fun time. Does your little one do this? Every time she sees a ladder anywhere she has to climb it!!

Day 24

Daddy-and-me crafts

Day 25

Visit to the library where baby says: “I can read it myself!”


14 thoughts on “366/week 4: a foot in the library

  1. Baby is adorable! It sounds like you had a relaxing week! I still have to get my pics up from last week- our electricity went out because there was a flood in our building! So no computer yesterday, Hopefully today it will be back on…My kids also LOVE climbing anything new and exciting. Keep the posts coming!

    • Thanks! Does it sound relaxing? Saturday was relaxing – a full day at home with the whole family (well NinjaDad was out in the morning). It was nice to do nothing… but otherwise having a sick kid can feel a bit stressful to me. She had a stomach bug so was waking up at all hours to vomit one night and then had the runs the other days :( Hahah. So, kind of relaxing in that she napped longer but it had its challenging moments. Thanks for visiting and I am glad you liked what you saw :)

  2. Gorgeous photos! That ladder shot reminded me – I was buying suitcases as we were going travelling when Ameli was 17 months old and she needed a case. I was lost in luggage options and suddenly I couldn’t find her. I looked all over the shop floor. I did not however, look up the ladder that stretched to the ceiling storage space!! My heart nearly stopped! The shop worker had to climb up and get her down. They weren’t impressed with us :p

    Love your week!

    • Hahahah! I mean that would have scared the creepers out of me – but with hindsight it becomes a little funny, right? And yeah, I chose not to point out under the photo that that the grumpy H&M manager confiscated that ladder out from Anya seconds after that shot. He was not impressed and obviously took the fact that I was actually, *gasp*, photographing her doing it as a sign of extreme neglect. He was not friendly about it. Hey, I was right there watching her and she was being very, very careful (as you can kind of see). Cheers for commenting. You are a super-star for visiting all these blogs (do you ever sleep??? – and pregnant, too!)

    • Thanks. Hannah, I checked out your photos yesterday and loved them… but it wouldn’t let me comment. I think blogger can smell I am from Word Press and just locks me out :p

      I am very impressed with your sewing – awesome (*prostrates at feet*) and your babes are ADORABLE! :)

    • Peaceful and simple?! I literally had to go back and look at the photos to see what you mean… does it look that way to you??! But there is a computer in there, restaurant-eating, ladders in shops… but I am kind of touched if it comes across as relaxed. Cool.

      • The library shots… the food is simple… looking out the window… the yoga… even the ladder has its own peaceful simplicity about it.

        Maybe it’s your approach to photography; maybe if you took a picture of a ridiculous over-the-top birthday party it would also look peaceful and simple.

      • Aww, sweet. Yeah, I think the fact that I tend to use a close up lens helps – lol. It crops out how ridiculously messy my house is right now, for example, or the ‘toddler debris’ she leaves everywhere she goes. In one photo I literally cropped out her private parts (not quite what you were getting at, but just thought I’d share – hahaha).

      • Giggle. I hope that was in one of the at-home shots! I’m a privates-cropper-outer too. And in my scrapbook there’s a bubble sticker on someone in the bath.

      • Hahahah! That is too funny – a bubble-stcker. Hahah. We only have one bath photo in the public domain-ish – it is on ‘friends and family’ only on flickr. The baby is positioned so as to maintain daddy’s modesty (as they are sharing a bath, as they often do)… but baby is in full-on naked glory.

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