Mamatography/week 5: intent on painting

Okay, you know the drill by now. This is week 5 of a year long ‘Mamatography‘ project where I commit (*argh*!!) to taking a photo a day, creating a photo journal of my life as a mom and capturing (some snippets of) a year in my kid’s life. Hazah. There are nearly 50 of us doing this challenge, inspired by the now very pregnant Luschka at Diary of a First Child. Won’t you join us?

— — —

[Edit 5th February: I originally posted this on 3rd Feb but was missing some photos due to… errm… technical difficulties. I have now back-filled the missing photos for this week so they are in the mix, bellow :) ]

— — —

This week, Pipoca was sick… again – bad cough this time. We are *nearly* all better now but it did mean another day when we were mostly indoors and certainly no play dates for us :(   So, here are some vignettes from our week in:

day 26

[still aiming for a ‘selfie’ a week]

day 27 – ‘Please mommy, can we go outside and paint, pleeeaase!’



pretty blissful for me, too. she was at this for nearly 45 mins. I love her ability to focus in on something she is interested in. I largely credit RIE and the Baby Talk programme for her seemingly long attention span – and of course, her own temperament which I guess just leans that way.

day 28

… thought it was funny that police motorbikes actually have the individual officer’s name on them – kind of like branding a horse!?…

Later that day, after not (yet) napping in the car, we take a potty and song and dance brake in a local carpark!!

I love her layered little outfit (down to the boots :)

day 29

my little laundry helper – bless her

day 30

Wearing my baby sheep :)

Later that day…

having a bit of a play in the car park, after asking for potty and making mommy pull over from the high way – lol.

day 31

Lego rocket flies to the moon

day 32

“I LOVE pears!”


15 thoughts on “Mamatography/week 5: intent on painting

  1. What gorgeous photos! Your daughter looks like she is absorbed in everything – the painting, the laundry, all of it. The lessons children could teach about being fully present in everyday life …

    I hope everyone in your house is well again!

  2. Oh i’ve loved seeing your pics of Pipoca painting, particularly because my lovely little one was sick a few days ago and we did the same!!!
    Funny he loves pears, too, and I don’t ;)
    take care, Sabina

    • Aww… Thanks. Fun coincidences (well, except being sick isn’t fun, of course). Because I don’t think I have explained that for a bit, Pipoca is her knickname, it means popcorn in Portuguese – hahah. So it is very sweet to hear somebody else use it, too. Cheers!

  3. One of the things I LOVE about Mamatography is seeing the simple ‘every day’ stuff being ‘noticed’ – that laundry shot is awesome and who would ever think to take a photo of one of a mother’s most unnoticed tasks? Thank you so much for reminding me of that!

    • Yes, that is definitely one of the perks of this project, it pushes you to see deeper into what is as well as create new opportunities for growth/art/fun :)
      Thanks for being the spark!!

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